(4.14) Anuptaphobia


i don’t know when love became elusive               –Warsan Shire


Is that the planet you are holding

there in your mouth, all of its city lights

glowing like gold teeth? If we made

more human beings, would you let them find

their own truth? Do you need me yet?

Or is your heart a business? Would lying

with you be like bumping up against steel? Well,

how do you want to be loved? With a mouth?

An ear? By the first body part you sense

when you wake into morning?

What is that cologne you wear, machine

exhaust? Are we still trying to resurrect

ourselves together? Or was erect

what we said? Has someone new found a plot

on your tongue? Do you know love

is an epiphany, not a thing

you have to try at, but a state of mind

you can just realize?

Is it because you think I’m empty?

My door too wide? Can you find

nothing new to fill me with?

At least do me a favor

and hurt me? Wreck me,

bring me down like a piece

of antiquated architecture?

Don’t you see

I have daydreams

to maintain?

Here I am,

all boarded



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