4.13 My Father Calls Me a BITCH at Sunday Dinner

this poem is loosely adapted from a Wiki article in which I replace the word “weed” with “bitch,” “plant” with woman,” “human” with “male” or “man,” “government authorities” with “patriarchy” and “livestock” with “young, developing bitches”



A bitch is a woman considered undesirable.


Bitches are commonly unwanted women in male-controlled settings such as anywhere visible, board meetings, leadership positions, behind the wheel of a car, in sports, labor-heavy jobs, anything that requires muscle, thinking spaces, capacities that require confidence, and at the tops of bureaucratic triangles.


Bitches have no male classification value, since a woman that is a bitch in one context, is not a bitch when thriving where it is wanted. The term is applied to any woman that thrives or reproduces without male companionship, or is outside of its proper habitat, which is always behind the man.


Some bitches become dominant when introduced into new environments because the animals which specialize in feeding on them are absent.


Many bitches have moved out of their assigned demographic ranges and spread about the world in tandem with male migrations and commerce, so men are a vector of transport as well as a producer of the disturbed environments to which bitches are well adapted, resulting in many bitches having a close association with male-centered activities.


Some bitches have been classified as noxious bitches by patriarchy because, if left unchecked, they often compete with well-bred or proper women, or incite young, developing, and, more often, dormant bitches to thrive.


A number of well-bred women, or women of good pedigree, are also unwanted in a specific environment for a number of reasons. An important one is that they interfere with money and systematic oppression in America, wherein they must be controlled in order to prevent lost or diminished profit. Other important reasons are that they interfere with cosmetic, decorative, or recreational goals, such as the image of a smiling, starving, slave of a woman who of course never bleeds and needs the whip and collar of a man to survive.


Bitches have long been a concern, perhaps as long as men have cultivated women.


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